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A. 26.07. – 08.08.17

Da die Reise auf englisch stattfindet, gibt es auch die Reiseausschreibung auf englisch


Unique ladies-only tent-trekking with female Crew 

phantastique colourful mountainous landscape of Sham-area

meeting with the dedicated nuns of Ladakh

beautiful day-walks for good acclimatisation

small group for big women power

The trek is one of the most beautiful ones in Ladakh with a big variety of most spectacular mountain-ranges in a short distance. The views are gorgeous and the landscape just phantastic.

The trekking is rated as moderate. Biggest challenge is the high altitude which will make your breath quite short. But with the good acclimatisation before and a slow walking speed it is good managable. For all the ascents and descents it is better to be in good shape. Regular exercise before the tour will make your muscles happy and you will enjoy the tour a lot more. It is better to be experienced in mountain-walking. But don't worry, after day 1 and 2 there is always the possibility of finishing the trek and return to Leh in case you face too many difficulties or feel sick.
Altitude profile:
Day 1: 3.400 m – 3.715 m – 3.160 m (315 m up, 590 m down)
Day 2: 3.160 m – 3.935 m (775 m up)
Day 3: 3.935 m – 4.920 m – 4.160 m (985 m up, 760 m down)
Day 4: 4.160 m – 3.760 m – 4.130 m – 4.100 m (370 m up, 430 m down)
Day 5: 4.100 m – 4.610 m – 3.155 m (510 m up 1.455 m down)

You need good shoes and an own sleeping-bag down to -5°C to sleep comfortable. Usually the temperatures don't drop far down, but due to weather changes in the last years, it is quite unpredictable and better to be well equipped. A down-jacket is not required, but a rain-jacket a good idea. Wether you like to use walking-sticks, depends on you. You will sleep in tents for 1-2 pax on thick mats called dunlops.

We recommend: don't buy too much new gear if you are not too experienced. It is not really necessary. And if you are missing things like headlamp or so, it is best to buy it in Leh for a cheaper price.

This tour is open to be booked from women all over the world. So you'll be an international group with english as the main language. Be curious to not only meet the ladakhis, but also women from other countries to exchange ideas and stories. We make it a ladies tour to get the special power and atmosphere of ladies being by themselves and for better support of each other and the locals.

Dolma has been our local guide for 3 women-only tours from Germany in the last years, two of them having included the same tent-trekking as in this tour. She is well trained and experienced now, so we want her to have her own group. Tent-trekking is usually not done by ladies in Ladakh, but Dolma and her female kitchen crew love it and would be happy to share the special female trekking power only ladies can create.

For acclimatisation you’ll first have some days in and around Leh, where Dolma will show you beautiful Gompas, you start exercising your body with day-walks and for sure meet nuns and other great ladies from Ladakh! The trek itself is one of the most beautiful ones, a little challenging, but mostly rewarding with a spectacular landscape, barren mountains in all shapes and colours – you cannot imagine.

Norboo Dolma: "I am 25 years and from the small village of Kiari in Rong, a part of Eastern Ladakh. I completed my school in Ladakh, participated in a course of SECMOL and went for College in Chandigarh. I started guiding in 2015 with a german ladies group. I got good opportunities to see many places in Ladakh, but mostly I love being in nature and trekking. Our mountains are so beautiful, I never become tired of walking. I am quite proud to know that we are the only ones organising a tent-trekking with a local ladies-team. I am looking forward to show you the beauties of my country and to have a good laugh together!"

In Ladakh one has to change sometimes itineraries due to natural circumstances, health problems (very rarely) or wishes of the travellers. We are known to be flexible and try to fullfill everybodys needs and wishes.

You can easily stay vegetarian on this tour – only on the buffet of the hotel you'll find some meat-dishes. If you have special diet-orders or are allergic, please tell us well advanced!

Day's program

Mi, 26.07.17
at the airport in Delhi and flight together to Leh. Meet your tourleader Dolma at the airport and drive to your hotel in Leh (20 min.). You need to have a complete rest on this day for a good acclimatisation. Dolma will introduce you to Ladakh, teach you your first ladakhi words and you will get to know each other. At lunchtime have a short walk together to a nice restaurant in town. The hotel is a charming small house with comfortable rooms, each with a beautiful view over the Indus Valley.
Accommodation: Lha Lingka Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Do, 27.07.17
Leh – Nyerma – Thikse – Shey - Leh
Drive 20-30 min. to the Nunnery of Nyerma. Here are mostly old nuns living, who are very dedicated doing their Puja in the morning. For sure we can join and enjoy the good atmosphere. Nyerma has the oldest Tchortens in Ladakh. It is said that there was a very old monastic university from which are just some ruins left. After exploring the site, we take a walk to Thikse (45 min., mostly even), one of the most beautiful monasteries in Ladakh by its architecture, which is similar to the Potala in Lhasa. Here we have our lunch and take a sightseeing through the many rooms. From the roof there is a good view over the Indus Valley. By car we start driving towards Leh, but stopp at the palace of Shey, which we visit, too. (Enthusiastic walkers can also go the 3,5 km long way through the fields) Then it goes back to Leh.
Accommodation: Lha Lingka Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Fr, 28.07.17

We spend the whole day in Leh, the capital of Ladakh. Besides that we can go shopping for  missing trekking-gear or other necessary things, we can test our high-altitude-walking-abilities by a hike up to Tsemo Hill with great views over the town. We spend the day quite flexible according to the wishes of the group – maybe visiting an NGO, strolling through the shops, the Mall and the backlanes of the old town, watching the sunset from Shanti Stupa or discovering the small monastery in Sankar.
Accommodation: Lha Lingka Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Sa, 29.07.17
Leh – Hemis - Leh

We drive 45 km to the biggest monastery of Ladakh in Hemis. It hosts a museum, too. We will walk up to the hermitage of Gothsang, nestled between the mountains at an altitude of 4.000 m. The hike up and back takes together approx. 2,5 hrs. With our packed lunch we are free to find a nice spot for a good picknick. Afterwards we drive back to Leh.
Accommodation: Lha Lingka Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Packed lunch, Dinner

So, 30.07.17
Leh – Alchi - Tingmosgang

On the drive to Tingmosgang (92 km/3 hrs. driving time alltogether) first get a glimpse of the confluence of Zanskar- and Indus-river and see the road from which you come after your trek. Then continue to Alchi with the biggest 1.000 year old monastery complex built from Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo. It is a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. We continue down the Indus and turn right towards one of the biggest villages in Ladakh: Tingmosgang. Big houses, apricot- and walnut-trees, fields of barley and green peas welcome us same as the comfortable Namra Hotel. Above the village at the end of the valley lies the smaller village of Tia with an old tunnel-system between the houses, nestled close together. We discover this unique piece of village-architecture in the afternoon.
Accommodation: Namra Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Mo, 31.07.17
Tingmosgang – Tar - Tingmosgang

First lets have a visit to the local private school, the Lotsava Lamdon School. The assembly starts with a prayer and with good luck the lady-principal has time for a chat with us. Then we go by car for a short drive down to Nurla from where we start our walk to Tar. We cross the Indus on a foot-bridge and walk up a shady gorge which gets totally narrow with huge walls on both sides in the end. After passing through a small gap, the beautiful village of Tar spreads out in a broad valley. We return the same way (alltogether 2-3 hrs. walking time). Back in Tingmosgang we can either relax in the hotel or visit the nuns and/or the monastery or just stroll around and enjoy the village life.
Accommodation: Namra Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

Di, 01.08.17
Tingmosgang - Lamayuru

Either we continue visiting the places in Tingmosgang we missed the previous day or directly drive to the monastery of Tserkamo, nestled high above the village. It hosts an old gompa-room under an ancient tree and an interessting painted new building. We also can walk up the small path towards a tiny meditation cave. Afterwards we drive to Lamayuru (1 hr. driving time). Here is time to visit the monastery with their different rooms and the meditation-houses combined with a great view. Also the exceptional moon-valley looks best in the late afternoon light and invites us for a stroll.
Accommodation: Moonland Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Mi, 02.08.17
Lamayuru - Wanla

3,5 hrs.
First day of our trekking starts! Even if the distance is not too long, we start early to have enough time to get into the rhythm, enjoy the landscape and discover the monastery later in Wanla. The route was damaged in 2015 so that the horses cannot go – we meet them only in Wanla together with the rest of the team. We climb up the pass Prinkiti-la (3.750 m) and go down a long gorge which might be a bit hot and tiring in the summer. On the banks of the river Shilla it is just a short walk to the charming village of Wanla, where our tents and the team with a good tea wait for us.
Accommodation: tent
Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

Do, 03.08.17
Wanla - Hinju

6,5 - 7 hrs.
Today we can test our stamina. Just on road we have to walk the long way to Hinju. But reward awaits us in the end: a most beautiful campsite next to a vivid river with best views towards spectacular mountains. First we walk even 7 km along the river Yapola towards Phanjilla. Here we turn towards the east and start ascending in curves towards the nicely located village of Hinju. We continue approx. one hour to the nice camping.
Accommodation: tent
Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

Fr, 04.08.17
Hinju – Konzki-la – Sumda Chenmo

7 hrs.
Start the first soft and then steeper ascent towards the pass Konzki-la at 4.920 m. The landscape is spectacular, the mountains differ in shape, colour, size, material and you'll have great views the whole time. Reaching the top is a great achievement and worth a small celebration. You made it! Enjoy the panorama to all sides before starting the decent. Down it goes towards the small village of Sumda Chenmo. The camping is a bit before the village.
Accommodation: tent
Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

Sa, 05.08.17
Sumda Chenmo – Dundunchen-la Base Camp

6 hrs.
First you reach Sumda Chenmo, where you have the possibility to visit the monastery and some huge unique wooden Buddhastatues. Then continue a beautiful path high above the river, which you have to cross at the end. Here a new ascent awaits you. From the small pass of Larnak-la (4.130 m) you have good views to the very colourful mountains in all shades of purple and green. Around the corner you continue to the Base Camp of Dundunchen-la with best views.
Accommodation: tent
Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

So, 06.08.17
Dundunchen-la Base Camp – Chilling - Leh
6-7 hrs.
Climb up towards the last pass, the Dundunchen-la at 4.610 m. Although not the highest of all passes of Ladakh, it is one with the finest views towards Stok Kangri and even Kang Yazee and mountains in different shapes, colours and shapes. The steep descent to the small village of Chilling (3.155 m) at the banks of river Zanskar is a little tough – so the more you'll enjoy the the drive back to Leh in the car (approx. 2 hrs.)
Accommodation: Lha Lingka Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

Mo, 07.08.17

The last day is free so that you can relax, go for shopping or do some activity which was not in the itinerary and we'll organise for you.
Accommodation: Lha Lingka Hotel
Meals: breakfast, dinner

Di, 08.08.17
Leh – Delhi

Transfer to the airport and flight to Delhi. Here the tour ends, but if anyone wishes, we like to arrange a further stay in Ladakh (for sure we'd change the departure-flight without any additional costs), Delhi, Agra or elsewhere
Accommodation: -
Meals: breakfast

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